Landscape and architectural lighting

Imagine admiring evening moonlight highlighted by the touch of landscape lighting while sipping a glass of wine, taking in the beauty of your backyard previously hidden in the dark but now gently illuminated by the magic of light. Imagine accentuating the depth and character of your property by washing the trees with subtle lighting and watching the dance of shadows as the wind sweeps through.  Imagine walking along your pathways, around your deck or pool or outdoor living space and seeing them as if for the first time each time, the effect of the nighttime light creating a veritable Oasis!

Oasis is a company specializing in landscape and architectural lighting design for outdoor living spaces for over 20 years.  We thrive on creating outdoor environments that accentuate the features of your outdoor living spaces with sophisticated but subtle lighting enhancements which make your home’s exterior as warm and enticing as its interior.

Oasis Landscaping and Architectural Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Homeowners invest a lot in their homes and outdoor surroundings. Adding architectural and landscape lighting to landscaping, gardens, pathways, pools, fountains, sculptures and the exterior of the home itself allows the beauty and uniqueness of your property to be fully expressed at night. You will be enthralled the first time we turn on the switch on your newly lit outdoor environment and captivated by its elegance every night afterwards.



When we speak to our clients about architectural lighting, we’re talking about designing a holistic lighting concept for their outdoor spaces that elicits a visceral and emotional impact. Our goal is to enhance the existing beauty and unique features of each home using the magic of a carefully crafted lighting design which washes and touches certain areas while flooding others, all with a view to creating a harmonious, beautiful outdoor environment.



When preparing properties for architectural and landscape lighting, the professionals at Oasis are responsible for ensuring that the concept and design meet our client’s requirements and specifications. We visit our client’s properties in during the evening to assess the features of the home and its surroundings. Our technicians execute the installation work during the day but always run tests at night to ensure integrity of the design.


What clients say about Oasis Landscaping and Architectural Lighting